BigRedBus Showcase

DIORAMA (3D model) Crafts
Nathan, age 10 and Joshua, age 6 made a miniature version of their living space (below).
NEW CRAFTS by Olivia, age 6
A miniature model of her bedroom (left); Easter eggs and minions (right)

APRIL 4 CRAFTS: Shout out to Olivia, Noah, Ella and Ryleigh for making amazing creations this week. They are sooo fun. Well done! These creations were inspired by the CityKidz Creates segment of the online CityKidz show on April 4. Olivia’s crafts are the first 3 on the left below and Noah, Ella and Ryleigh’s crafts are on the right.

Children on bus route 17-1 have brightened their neighbourhoods by decorating their doors and windows. Amazing!! Thank you 18-1 for sharing your joy and hope. You’ve inspired us and now CityKidz is challenging everyone to decorate their doors or windows with positive decorations or messages.

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