This Fall at CityKidz
This fall, we will continue bringing a piece of the CityKidz experience right to you. Our top priority is the health and safety of everyone in our community, especially your children. So this fall program season is going to look a little different as we alternate between weekday visits and enhanced Saturday visits.
On Saturdays, our staff and cast will be out in the community visiting each registered child at their front door. We’re bringing lunch, activities and fun promotional items. And as the opportunity arises, our cast will be doing live pop up programming right in the community. This may included songs, skits, games, magic tricks and more to bring joy to our kids!
Getting to know so many amazing kids and families is, for us, the best part about CityKidz. Bi-weekly home visits will continue all fall long, except for Oct. 5, Oct. 12 and Nov. 21. We’ll be delivering snacks, activities and fun items while wearing PPE and adhering to strict screening and safety measures. We look forward to keeping in touch.
home visits

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten! We do, however, have a little catch-up to do!

  • In September we’re delivering gifts for April, May and September birthdays.
  • In October, we’re delivering gifts for June and October birthdays.
  • In November, we’re delivering gifts for November and December birthdays.